Mortalis Maptool Game

The Capture of Icevein

On Thin Ice

Round 11:
Professor – Healing Figurine, Magic Weapon miss.
Heyward – Use figurine for surge, move away from melee.
Nelrue – Warden’s Grasp, Weight of Earth on Icevein, Bloodied him
Brunnir – Blinded Ikazuchi with Snowblind
Icevein – Venomous Whirlwind Audwyn, Nelrue, and Ikazuchi, but only hit Ikazuchi. Professor interrupted with Shocking Feedback to provide some resistance.
Efalvir the Claw – Something or another.
Audwyn – Plant battle standard of hungry blades, pull mobs close, DS2.

Round 12:
Professor’s healing figurine saves Ikazuchi, and he magic weapon’s Brunnir
Heyward Winged Hordes everyone
Ikazuchi gets a critical hit on Brunnir, and with Rampage, kills her
Nelrue misses with several attacks against Kelar.
Kelar swings and misses at Nelrue.
Efalvir Radiant Step to Divine Gaze
Vord Marzt ran
Audwyn chased down Efalvir and pushed him with Stygian Strike back to the scrum

Round 13
Professor Moved the Eye and Magic Weapon Efalvir
Heyward put Prophecy of Doom on Kelar
Ikazuchi charged and killed Eflavir
Kelar ran but, not far enough
Vord-Marzt tried to bullet Heyward
Audwyn ran up to Kelar and tried to DS2 him but missed.

Round 14 Professor Magic weaponed Kelar and criticalled.
Ikazuchi knocked Kelar unconscious.
Nelrue chased Vod-Marzt, but he got away.


COMBAT XP: 1,000 XP / STORY XP: 1,000 per person. Loot: RC 15, RC 12, 9,000 GP

Ikazuchi tied up Kelar, Nelrue tossed him over his shoulder and we started down the mountain.


Cazzeo Klejthane

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