Background for Audwyn d'Rovaire

AudwynAudwyn is a level 11 Stygian Adept-Ardent, and priestess of the Kult of Naophi, servants of the goddess Naophi. Audwyn received her Geis, or calling, at the age of 5.

Audwyn’s Adventures

Below is a list of the adventures Audwyn has undertaken to reach this point in her career. A complete Cast of Characters is available for easy reference.

Audwyn’s Characteristics and Traits

Like many priestess of Naophi, Audwyn has a very Type-A personality. She is task-oriented, impatient, highly competitive, ambitious, and desires to be in control of a situation. She is quick to judge and categorize others. First impressions are difficult for her to overcome.

Audwyn highly values her status with the Kult of Naophi and the goddess, herself. Again, as with most members of “The Tasked,” she is fiercely loyal to her goddess.

Audwyn takes little interest in the trials and tribulations of the various houses of Velisia, except to the extent they are part of the rivalries of the gods, or play a role in a mission she must complete at Naophi’s behest. If she was forced to choose, she favors house Mothok, simply for its role as religious leader of the Fifteen Kingdoms. Her true interest is in the intrigues of the gods, and she is always looking for the latest rumor or story regarding their activities. At least part of her hopes that she can gain some clue as to what ultimate role Naophi intends for her, as foreshadowed in her geis.

Trivia and Random Details

Audwyn learned deep speech as part of her childhood training at the Kult of Naophi. Priestesses are encouraged to learn less common languages that may be of use in assisting the quests of others.

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Background for Audwyn d'Rovaire

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